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Common questions


1. "How can I be sure that I will receive my gold?"


I am running Tibia related services since 2007, I have served thousands of satisfied customers. I am the owner of:









Some of the transactions I made:


Tibia gold SMS shop





2. "When will you send gold?" 

Current delivery status is: 

Status ""- delivery in 3-15 minutes.

Status "" - delivery up to 1 hour. 

Status "" - delivery up to 16 hours.



What is more, You will receive an email notification when I send you gold. 





3. "Where will I find my gold?" 


Gold is sent with a parcel to character given in the order. You will find it in your depot.





4. "Why are SMS payments more expensive?"

Prices are higher because I receive only 30-60% of what you pay, most of the money goes to the mobile phone operators (companies).





5. "Are there any limits?"


Yes, you can spend maximum 100€ (or the equivalent in local currency) within 24 hours.



6. "I have got a problem with the payment (...)"


You have to contact Zaypay directly.

Write an email to customercare@zaypay.com including your telephone number,

payment date and clear description of your problem.



Delivery time
Delivery up to 16 hours

Gold is sent via parcel, to your depot.