Tibia World-Trade: TibiaWorldTrade.com
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Terms of Service

1. TibiaSMS.com website is used to sell Tibia gold.

2. Gold stocks on each servers are given in "GP" - Tibia currency.
10k GP = 1cc (1 crystal coin).
3. The website owner sends gold after receiving payment from a client.
4. The website owner will send the gold in maximum 24 hours after receiving the payment. 
5. Details of the purchase are sent by the store owner to the e-mail address provided by 
the user while placing an order.

6. The website owner is not responsible for the fact of wrong filling character information 
by a client.

7. Claims must be submitted by E-mail - giving the order ID number and a description 
of the problem.

8. Data stored in the shop is processed only by the website owner, only the owner of the site 
has an access to the data. Website owner takes precautions — including administrative, 
technical, and physical measures — to safeguard your personal information against loss, 
theft, and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, alteration, and destruction. 

9. Phone and SMS/text micropayments are processed by Zaypay.com.
General terms used by Zaypay can be found here: https://secure.zaypay.com/tos
10.  Making a purchase is equivalent to accepting the existing Rules.

Delivery time
Delivery up to 16 hours

Gold is sent via parcel, to your depot.